Individual Meeting with Professor Sipe

After meeting with my Professor Lori Sipe I had an idea about my final leadership video and the audience I was going to be speaking to. Although when I walked out of her office I changed my mind and decided that the best direction for me to head in is to speak to the incoming freshmen who are interested in joining the HTM program. The best way I think to captivate younger students attetion is by telling them exciting stories and what they have to look forward to through out their years in the HTM program. I will share some of the most important values I am taking away and moments from my time at SDSU meeting new people and networking with professionals. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to accomplish soooo here it goes, time to shoot this video. Thanks Lori for your assistance in heading me in the right direction making my first leadership video. Hope you all Enjoy


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