Final Narrative (Rough Draft ideas)

1. What have you learned about Leadership Theory?

I have learned that there are many different leadership styles. I never thought about leaders having different styles but when I learned about each style individually and thought back on all the managers I have had and situations I have seen handled, it was easy to place a theory to each one of the leaders styles. I also have learned that leaders are born but I also feel that leaders create their own styles by what they experience through out life and by the other leaders they experience. As you learn new techniques and see different styles of situations I believe leaders learn what works best for them and what does not work well. They hang onto the positive styles that work and let go of the negative ones that do not.

2. Make connections between your perspective on leadership now and the Kaleidoscope class in terms of leadership theory:

Back in Kaleidoscope 201 I walked into the class not completely knowing what to expect. By the end of the semester we had multiple guest speakers from different hospitality industries giving us advice and a direction to head if interested in the field. This gave me a general idea of what hotels would be like to work for, how it is to lead an event planning company, and what it was like to work in tribal gaming companies. This class gave me a general understanding of the different industries in hospitality and gave me a base as to where my career is headed getting a hospitality tourism management degree. Through out the last few years I have come up with connections on what type of leadership represent my style, what works good for me, and what does not work so well. My professors at SDSU have proved to me that not all people can be leaders. It takes a certain personality and special skills to lead a team and be successful doing so. The HTM program has been a huge learning experience for me and I have learned so much about what it takes to be a successful leader.

3. Review your leadership map – how do you fit these pieces together?

My leadership map represents how a successful company has a variety of leadership styles working together to complete a balance. I believe that because there are so many potential situations that can occur in the hospitality industry it is important to have different leadership styles available to deal with the situation that is best fitting. Some managers like to deal with problems and others do not. If there is a well balance of leadership styles no situation will be ignored.

4. What do you want to convey about leadership? What have you learned?

I believe that leaders should be genuine about what they do and the actions they choose to take. I believe it is important for employees as well as lower managers to feel involved and a part of what is going on in the organization. To have long term employees and trust between you and your staff it is important to include each individual in a positive and caring manor. As well I believe a good leader takes the time to get to know their employees and say thank you to them as much a s possible. I believe that employees should be rewarded for going above and beyond or doing tasks outside their normal duties. If employees get rewarded they have something to look forward to for doing good deeds. As well it is important to promote from within the company if employees show they are interested and go above and beyond in their current positions.

5. What potential contexts might you need to convey your leadership perspective? Who is the audience? What is the setting? What would you want to hear from them?

My audience would be a small group of my future employees. Preferably I would like to take my staff outside and get them in a new environment from the typical everyday work environment. A garden would be ideal because I believe that gardens bring peace and happiness. In a different environment people might feel free to be themselves and give their opinions or concerns when questions are asked. First I would want to hear from my employees, what they like most about their jobs/company and what they would like to see out of me as their new leader.  Then I would go on to telling them about myself, and what my expectations are as a leader. I would let them know my goals, values, and where I would like to see the company head.

6. What are your values? How do your values shape your thinking on leadership?


– Lead by example

– Stay positive

– Be genuine

Be professional at all times, have a positive attitude, work close with your staff get to know them, create a tight work atmosphere and give your employees a reason to want to work hard and show up on time with a smile on their face. Teach them skills to move to higher positions and receive promotions.

7. Given your integration of theory, self, and potential contexts, think about a narrative approach. Where are you? What are you wearing? What is the treatment?

– My approach would be to keep it short and sweet.

– Be myself but very professional.

– I would wear B day attire because it is a bit more comfortable and at ease. When I am talking to new people it I want to feel comfortable and confident while presenting my speech. I want to be taken seriously and I want my team to feel comfortable with me as well.

8. List 2-3 story ideas – each about 60 seconds that could potentially be used.

Story 1: (Will be on Video)

Story 2: (Will be on Video)

9.Consider what a 4 minute video of a narrative about your leadership perspective might look like. Write an outline with times to guide your narrative writing.

– Some thought will have to be put into this…..


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