Leadership Map

I am choosing to use a garden as my leadership map. There are many types of situations where different types of leaders are needed. Some situations are more fitting for a situational leader where there are other types of sitauations that are more fitting for a behavioral or an LMX leader. I believe that if there was only one type of leader in the company the workplace would be very unbalanced. Just like if a garden only had one color plant or flower in it, it would be pretty but not as nice having many different colors in it.

When looking at flowers I represent the garden as one big company. To be balanced I believe it is important to have a variance of leadership styles within one organization because if one person is not as strong in one type of situation the other can step in. The hospitality industry changes so frequently that to keep up it is important to add different styles of leadership together to create the entire garden.  I am going to represent the purple flower as the authentic leader. I would say I would follow more of an authentic leadership style because I enjoy working with others and helping them grow to be successful through out their career as well.  The pink flowers are related to participative leadership and the flowers that are still in bud are the transformational flowers. The yellow flowers represent change, which can occur as leaders learn new techniques and skills through out their careers. I believe that people as they age and experience different situations in the workplace they gain new leadership styles and should have an open mind to experiencing and absorbing new styles and letting go of ones that may not work so well. A garden is complete when you have a well balance of colors and different flowers. Gardens just like companies there should be a diverse management team so all tasks and situations can be properly tended. Mixing combinations of talents keeps the environment creative and well rounded.

Leadership Model

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