Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is defined as the “state of being committed to the truth.” Some benefits of Authentic Leadership, is it allows individuals to continually grow. It helps to create a more honest environment people become more honest with themselves and the people they connect with daily. Here is a quote I thought was a great explanation of Authentic Leadership:

            “An authentic leader is a person who chooses to live a life of integrity. They are not only honest in relationship with others but most importantly they are honest and true to themselves. Does this mean they don’t make mistakes? Of course they do..we are all human! And yet they have the courage to take responsibility for their ways, learn and grow. Why? because they care!…They care about you, they care about me and they care about our world. ”

      (Kim Elkovich MD A Higher Self)

            According to the article, The Five Marks of Authentic Leadership, the five characteristics that influence this style of leadership are insight, initiative, influence, impact and integrity. To be authentic a leader must have a vision, as well as, wisdom and discernment. They must lead by example and at the end of the day have made a difference in what they were involved in.


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