The Leadership Practice Inventory questionaire was difficult for me to complete because I have never been in a mangement position in a work place. As I was taking the questionaire myself I answered the questions based on my values and how I see myself in a leadership position, and the other person who scored me did it based on my personality and what they knew about me.

Some of the similarities that were found after both my participant and I completed the LPI were as follows:

– Actively listens to diverse points of view

– Treats people with dignity and respect

– Gives Team members appreciation and support

– Creatively rewards people for their contributions

– Sets personal example of what is expected

– Follows through with promises and commitments

Some of the discrepancies that were found were as follows:

– Makes certain that plans, goals, and milestones are set

– Appeals to others to share dreams of the future

– Paints big picture of group aspirations

– Talks about future trends influencing our work

– Makes certain that people adhere agreed-on standards

I agree with the similarities findings. I have a huge focus on treating people I know or meet with dignity and respect at all times. I live by the philosophy if you do not know who you are talking to treat them as they are important. You never know, they might be your next employer.  As well, I believe in always following through with my commitments and promises. If I do not follow through in my personal life, people will view me as someone who will not follow through in my professional life. It is important to have a philosophy follow through with as much as possible or dont plan it if you I am too busy.

On some of the discrepencies listed above, I thought the participant who scored me gave me more credit for behaviors that I did not score myself so well on and that could maybe use some focus. I found it interesting after comparing the results to see how my partner scored each category compared to my own self assessment. For example, I gave myself a 7 on “makes certain that plans goals and milestones are set” and my participant scored me as a 9. I always have felt that setting goals is an area I can improve on but it was nice to see that they thought I was a great goal setter. Having someone else score me  was a great way to get feedback on my youth leadership style. I really enjoyed seeing the results of the LPI questionaire.


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