Traits I Admire & Why

Although there are many traits I admire a few important traits that come to mind are honesty, emotional stability and approachability. I agree with the author of the article Leadership: do traits matter? that “honesty is absolutely essential to leadership” because employees will behave as their leaders do. If people do not work in an honest environment that reflects a high level of integrity they will not perform with honesty and integrity themselves. Emotional stability is an important trait in a leader because they are the foundation of the company and employees need to count on their leader to be strong and confident. I admire people who are emotionally stable and can remain calm in a stressful or difficult hospitality situation. Being able to remain confident in a challenging situation reflects strong leadership skills and control of the work environment, the employees, and guest relations. Approachability is another trait I admire. It is important to be approachable so employees can feel confident that they can share personal concerns or ideas they might have to make the company more efficient and sustainable. I think people are born with certain general dispositions such as being happy or calm but traits overall I fell are developed by the way you are treated as a child, by the activities you get involved in early in your life, and by a persons values about how to interact in social and leadership situations.


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