Leadership & Me

Growing up I’ve always been involved in organizations that encourage leadership and team building. For example, in my earliest years I was involved in Brownies and Girl Scouts, which encouraged responsibility and leadership skills. By middle school I played on a softball team, which encouraged teamwork and initiative and in high school I swam on the swim team and was a lifeguard, which taught individual strength building and motivation. As a child, I looked toward leaders like my softball coach, my swim coach, or even my mom who taught me to have drive, honesty and self-confidence. Today my education and work experience has reinforced and expanded on these same leadership skills and qualities that make a good industry leader. Being part of the HTM program at SDSU has done so much for my future in hospitality management. Having the opportunity to participate in internships and classroom assignments such as leadership shadows have given me hands on experience and an in depth view of what management and leadership responsibilities entail. Through out the past three years I have grown to be business professional, I have learned to network, and I have developed leadership skills that will be an asset to my future career in the hospitality industry.


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